Happy Thursday Kansas City! With spring cleaning just a couple months away, you may be wondering whether it is time to throw out, scrap, or try to sell some of your old vintage electronic and audio equipment that (let’s be honest) has most likely been collecting dust in your garage or attic with little to no use in quite a while. Well our team at Vintage Turntable & Stereo just wants you to know that there is a better option that probably costs less than you think! I’m sure you know where this is going, yes, we offer professional, experienced restoration services for record player repair, speaker repair, amp repair, turntable repair, electronics repair and vintage stereo repair in Kansas City, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence, MO and the KCMO metropolitan area.

We are owned and operated by Jim Salamoni, master audio and stereo technician who has over two decades of experience restoring your favorite electronics and equipment. So before you throw it out or scrap it, give us a call at 816-622-8277 and let us see if we can help restore the sound you love! More info about Vintage Turntable & Stereo on our website at http://vintageturntableandstereo.com/, call or visit us today and have a great upcoming weekend KC!

 Vintage Stereo & Turntable

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